Treatment : Crown & Bridges

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Getting a bridge normally requires 3 dental visits at JDCC. While the tooth are numb, the 2 anchoring tooth are organized with the aid of using eliminating a part of the tooth to house the crown. Next, our specialists make a exceedingly correct impact this is sent to the dental laboratory in which the bridge could be fabricated. In addition, we make a brief bridge and worn for approximately 3 weeks till our dentists plan on your next appointment.

In your second visit, the bridge foundation, known as the framework, will be carefully checked to ensure a proper fit by our experts. A shade is decided in order to secure an appropriate match of the porcelain with your adjacent teeth. The temporary bridge is cemented back in your mouth.

At the third visit, we insert the permanent bridge. It is inserted, adjusted, polished, and inserted with permanent cement.

We provide you with the necessary instructions at the conclusion of your treatment that include proper brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits that will aid in the life of your new permanent bridge.

Frequently Asked Questions for Crown & Bridges
Can I fix my teeth permanently?

Yes, definitely

Will you fix 3 crown on my teeth,when my missing teeth is only 1 ?

Yes  because we will take support of your 2 teeth from back & front of your missing teeth.

Will you grind my teeth?

No , we will not do grinding of your teeth, we will just give shape of your teeth n make a small n rounded for future bridge can fix perfect.

How many type crown will be here?
  • There is many type, starting from 2000 to 20,000 per crown
  • In different material like ceramic, zirconia, e max, dmls….
How much time it will take?

About 5-7 days / if we want early then we will also make because now a days all work is digitally , will do in urgent case.

Any disadvantages? If I don’t replace of my tooth?

Yes sure, your adjacent teeth will tilt in missing tooth place, food lodgement, Gums problem, may decay , supraeruption of opposite tooth, you can’t chew Properly.

Cover will remove after fix ?

No, it will not remove itself because we will fix with special material.

Is this procedure painfull?

No , first we will anesthetise your teeth area so no any complaint of pain , don’t worry.

Can I chew anything with this new teeth?

Yes , you can chew any hard (cashew, almond, singdana) & soft food.

How many year it will long last?

Sir its depend on your food pattern & regular 6-month visit of dental clinic and cleaning of teeth, although depend on crown from >5 to >10 year.

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