Treatment : Dental Veneers

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At JDCC we attain a selection of things the usage of dental veneers. Through placing veneers on pinnacle of the enamel, our experts near gaps, make tooth even in period, cover dark stains, and create a uniform looking smile. In this way, veneers can create a grin that competitors the maximum famous stars.

While patients go to JDCC, we take an influence of their tooth to layout veneers in a lab. The veneers will match the dimensions, form, and coloration of your teeth, taking every week or greater to create.


In order to place veneers, we first prepare your teeth by using casting off a part of the tooth. This facilitates the veneer lay flat and in step with your gum tissue. After making ready the tooth, we cozy a temporary veneer the usage of detachable glue.

While your permanent veneers are equipped, we remove the brief one and make sure that the brand new veneer is a perfect healthy. It’s miles commonly attached the use of a water-based way to see the way it appears. If any adjustments need to be made, it will likely be completed at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions for Tooth Colored Filing

Veneer are this durable shells made of tooth clouded material that are bounded (fixed) to the surface of a tooth.

  • Composite veneer are not as durable as porcelain veneer and more maintenance is require as they are more likely to chip off.
  • Composite veneer tend to stair more easily as composite is porous material while porcelain is glazed & imperious so highly resisted to staining.

Usually life span of composite veneer is around 5 to 7 years with regular interval of polishing where as well maintained porcelain veneer can last 10 -15 years.

Yes! You can brush all your teeth are same way. You can floss all the veneered teeth & you should contain all your regular hygiene appts as you have in the past. 

  • This care measures are required to improve the durability & longevity of dental veneers.
  • Avoid using veneer tooth to bite or creak hard object like nuts & ice.
  • Maintain consistent good oral hygiene.

No, if your lower are good enough & does not require veneer, it will very natural and nicest and many times mostly lower teeth are not that going upper veneer only does not look odd.

Typically  patient are numb for veneering process, there should be no pain during procedure  once numbers taken effect, there will be very little or no discomfort after numbers subside as we prior medicated us.

For receiving veneers, micro space amount of teeth enamel is removed to prepare your tooth, generally, any sensitivity tell it minimal & gradually goes away within few days.

Veneers are very effective when it comes to Correctly teeth that are when it cracked or badly sharped.

  • Restoring teeth that are broken or chapped.
  • Staining due to fluonrical or tetracycline.
  • Teeth with gapes.
  • Esthetically compromised froath teeth.

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