Treatment : Root Canal

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We layout root canal remedy, this is cozy for the patient. With the superior and ultra-modern era, we do our fine to make the manner painless and as first-rate as possible. JDCC’s root canal system consists of carefully removing the infected or inflamed pulp, cleansing the interior of the teeth, then filling and sealing it with a rubber-like substance called “gutta-percha.”

Our specialists pinnacle the tooth with a crown or permanent filling to feature safety against decay.


Frequently Asked Questions for Root Canal Treatment
What is RCT?

RCT means Root canal treatment in which we remove the caries, clean the roots & will put medicine into roots so that infection will not reoccur after that we put the white cement in tooth & cover it by crown.

When is it required?

When caries are deep up to the pulp of the tooth it will be painful, sometimes pus may  be collected below the roots in this case RCT is required.

Is it painful?

No we will anesthetize the area in which RCT is required.

How much time I have to come?

Only single sitting is required for RCT. whenever infection is more, then more sitting is required.

Is Cover necessary after RCT?

Yes, cover will give strength to your teeth also it will protect from infection it will improve hygiene because of its polished surface.

What will my tooth look like after RCT?

Your tooth will look like as it was before if you select the tooth colored cover. If you select S.S or gold cover it will look different.

What happen if don’t get RCT done?

The infection in your tooth will increase pain and it may cause swelling due to pus accumulation. Fever & swelling are main two consequences so RCT should be done as soon as possible.

How long will an RCT treated tooth last?

In healthy oral cavity enough bone support & good oral hygiene it will last very long as 10years or more.

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