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We provide a complete-fledged enamel bleaching remedy in India, we have a ramification of strategies for restoring a bright white smile, which includes porcelain veneers, composite bonding, and whitening, additionally known as bleaching. But, with all the progressions made in wellknown dentistry to exaggerate the appearance of enamel, whitening is the very best and powerful. Our enamel whitening treatment is safe, easy, and extra low cost.

Treatment Planning
  • At JDCC, we offer a relaxed and unique dental care experience, coupled with the highest standards of dental treatments. We pride ourselves in offering a pampered and pleasant dental experience. Dental treatments in JDCC offers a calm surrounding that’ll amaze you with how painless and fast, modern dentistry is. Our aim is to provide expert oral health and shape beautiful smiles. We are dedicated to provide you with unparalleled teeth whitening service that meets the highest standards of dental hygiene in a relaxed and pampering environment.
  • Here you’ll find a welcoming ambiance with warm, helpful staff and total transparency.
Frequently Asked Questions for Teeth Whitening
Is whitening causes any damage to my teeth?

No, definitely no. whitening is very safe & comfortable procedure. Rather than this it make your teeth stronger and healthier.

Should I need multiple sitting in whitening?

We are providing whitening procedure in single sitting only, you not need multiple visit for this.

What procedure I need to take after procedure?

After complication of procedure just for only 1hr you need not to any food or liquid after that you are enjoy every food.

How long whitening result to patients?

Whitening result patient range from 6 month to 3 years depending upper different whitening procedure.

Is whitening beneficial for my teeth?

Yes, whitening leads to healthy, brighter smile, improve in self-Esteem of person and it also improve social-life.

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